Support Marketing was established to provide customised marketing solutions and support for small to medium-sized businesses. With many having limited time, budgets and resources, Support Marketing was created to do just that – support your marketing. Whether your marketing needs are big or small, Support Marketing can plug into your business and help you establish or achieve marketing goals for your businesses growth. Support Marketing provides all levels of support, from one-off projects to performing a fully outsourced marketing function. I am an independent marketing consultant with over 15 years experience in marketing roles, for leading media, entertainment and tourism/travel brands as well as local business, and am trained in all facets of the marketing mix. Some examples of how you might use Support Marketing’s services:

  • You’ve got a great business idea, but need help taking it to market (build a brand, generating awareness, etc.)
  • You want some fresh or new ideas on ways to reach new audiences and engage better with your existing audience.
  • You are looking for someone to create and execute a marketing plan, write copy, or just design branded materials.
  • To evaluate your existing marketing materials to determine what’s working, what can be improved, are there any gaps?
  • To take your physical business into the digital space (build a new website, re-design of an existing website, help with your search engine optimization efforts, build a social media presence, etc.)
  • To strengthen your digital footprint (Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, blogs, etc.).
  • You want to set up an email marketing campaigns for your business and drive database growth.
  • You have a big project and just need quick hands on deck to help get it done.

Whatever your needs, Support Marketing can provide professional and affordable marketing solutions to fit your business and your budget.

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