Well this is me, literally eating my own words.

Remember – New Year, New Logo, New Website – if not read it here.
The year was young, the personal goals high and the motivation on point.
But fast forward to almost mid year (geezzz, where did that come from?!) and have I written a follow up blog? Hmmm, well, umm…. No. No I haven’t. 

So I could start with the excuses – I did welcome a newborn baby in that time (she’s super, my fourth and definitely my last, and also delightfully babyish and cute) – but it’s not about excuses. Life gets in the way all the time, if it’s not a new baby, it’s an upcoming event, a lifestyle change or any number of things. The long drawn out point of this is – as a small business owner it’s always hard to find the time to do what you want, let alone what you need to do to help grow your business. So I wanted to share with you one small tip that I have started – and successfully managed to maintain doing – since late last year.

I’m going to call it managed learning – and by that I mean it’s about making sure you are learning, reading or catching up on something new or relevant to your industry each week, even if you think you don’t have the time.

I am (and I’m sure you are too) signed up to lots and lots of email lists – marketing newsletters, industry newsletters, digital blogs, social media blogs and more. Despite it being my job, I also personally love to know what’s going on in the digital space and naturally my FOMO means I receive far more emails than I can hope to read in one day. And while I want to read them all, without the time my inbox was beginning to overflow, giving me anxiety every time I opened it. So late last year I decided start ‘managing my learning’ by filtering all these emails into one folder called TO READ. If it wasn’t an urgent email or newsletter then off it went to the TO READ folder. And while it got the emails (and the anxiety of seeing them) out of my face instantly, it didn’t solve the problem of still wanting and having the time to read them.

So here is where the managed learning comes in –

I decided that once a week, usually at the same time each week, I would dedicate 30 mins to read some emails from the folder. I am strict on time, and make sure that once I read and retain the information then I delete it, and now slowly and surely I am working my way through loads of well intentioned emails that I have wanted to read for ages! The best part is each week I am dedicating some time to learning something new or keeping up to date even if I don’t feel like I have the time too.

Am I tricking myself into it? Yes probably, but who cares, at least I am doing it and making the time to learn each week – so it’s working for me. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, but want to be informed – then this may just work for you.

Until next month (she says with fingers crossed).

P.S I would love to hear any quick tips like this you have, to help improve your business or just your overall wellbeing? As with 4 kids now, let’s be honest – I am looking for ANY and ALL the life and work hacks I can find.


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