Marketing is what I do, Support is how I can help.

I started Support Marketing quite organically – a friend introduced a friend who needed some marketing help and at the same time I was having my third baby, but still hungry for work challenges – so my business evolved out of the timing being right and a underlining desire to back my own ability. Ask me 6 years ago if I had imagined working for myself, combining my favourite elements of marketing and being so close to successful results and outcomes and I would probably have shut it down. I loved working in busy marketing teams, juggling tasks and deadlines – but fast forward 6 years and while the juggling is just as manic, the mix (and the office) that has changed – and I absolutely love it!

But businesses evolve and over the last couple of months I had been contemplating the direction of Support Marketing. I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing business owners over the last couple of years, and all at different levels of support. The scope of Support Marketing is as broad as brand development, market research, social and digital strategy and execution, building and supporting websites right through to supporting the marketing function itself through business administration, data entry, ecommerce support. What I imagined would be a heavy ‘Support’ focus has broadened quickly, with ‘Marketing’ taking the lead.

Looking at my business subjectively, I felt that my logo no longer represented my brand. Marketing is what I do, Support is how I can help.

So with this in mind, I set about re-designing my logo (and as a result also my website). So why tell you all this? Because there is a lesson here – your logo is one of your strongest marketing tools, and just like any marketing activity it needs to be refreshed after a certain period of time to make sure it still best represents you. Your logo not only tells people the name of your business, it the visual representation that defines your product, brand or service. And while change may sound scary, it doesn’t have to be dramatic either – brands like Coca-Cola and Google update their logo frequently with relatively small changes, ensuring consumers still recognise the brand but subtly notice a modernisation and freshness.

So why do businesses update their logo?
A couple of reasons may include:

  • The business focus has changed – as in my case, I launched my business based on initial providing Support, but my focus has changed to providing customised Marketing solutions. My logo did not reflect this emphasis on Marketing.
  • Your products or services have changed – have you added new products or services to your business that aren’t conveyed in your logo? Redesigning your logo can also support your message to showcase new developments in your brand.
  • Your current logo is not suitable – was your logo designed before the digital boom? Perhaps it doesn’t translate well for web and digital platforms? Intricate and detailed designs may be lost when sizes are reduced or logos become responsive for mobile. While you logo may look beautiful in print and on a business card, this needs to be reflected on all communications for your brand, especially online.
  • To reflect your current brand – businesses are ever evolving, and even if you launched your business with a logo you loved, you may find over time that the design can grow stale or is no longer relevant or appealing to current design aesthetics. And in some cases, a tired old logo can provide exactly that impression of your businesses products and services.

So if you are thinking about a brand or logo refresh, or have anything other marketing needs, contact us for an obligation free chat to see how Support Marketing could help you.

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